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Short introduction

Lfs is a company with experience in removals and cleaning. From the start, we were motivated to provide quality services in this market segment. A company in this field is difficult to develop because of the high competition, but also because of the subjectivity of the people we come in contact with. For this reason, we have established a company with responsible and trained employees who meet even the most demanding wishes. Only by offering quality services can we grow with you. We are a serious company and we want to do the best work where our help is needed.

Over time, we have completed complex projects in terms of both size and difficulty. Also, we have been able to create a stable portfolio of clients who come to us for the quality of our services. If you want a company that attaches great importance to the quality of service, call Lfs! Leuven Full Service offers complete and qualitative relocation services for individuals and companies.

Our services

Here below you will find our services, in short. For a more comprehensive explanation, please contact us. 

Removals and cleaning up

Removals and throwing away

Cleaning before of after moving

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